PDA – Casestudy 7 month baby

Heart Disease in Children are more Challenging to Manage.

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A persistent opening between the two main blood arteries emerging from the heart is known as the patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). The ductus arteriosus, an ordinary opening in a baby’s circulatory system while in the womb, often closes soon after delivery. It is known as a patent ductus arteriosus if it stays open.

Small patent ductus arteriosus is frequently trouble-free and may never require treatment. Untreated, a big patent ductus arteriosus can weaken the heart muscle and result in heart failure and other issues by allowing blood with low oxygen levels to flow in the incorrect direction.

Few months before a family came with their 7 month baby to Rhythm Heart and Critical care Hospital. This child is suffering with a large hole in her heart.

This 7 month old girl, underwent PDA device closure by Our Expert team of Doctors Dr. Pankaj Raut (Sr. Cardiologist) and Dr. Manish Juneja (Sr. Cardiologist) at Rhythm Heart and Critical care Hospital.

The signs and symptoms of patent ductus arteriosus depend on the magnitude of the lesion and whether the infant is full-term or premature. A minor PDA may not show any symptoms and go unnoticed for a while, sometimes even till maturity. Early heart failure symptoms can be caused by a big PDA.

Your baby’s doctor might first suspect a heart defect during a regular check-up after hearing a heart murmur while listening to your baby’s heart through a stethoscope.

A large PDA found during infancy or childhood might cause:

  • Poor eating, which leads to poor growth
  • Sweating with crying or eating
  • Persistent fast breathing or breathlessness
  • Easy tiring
  • Rapid heart rate

We suggest Always Visit a doctor at the early stage before it’s too late.

This Surgery taught us strength and patience beyond measure.

God bless her with a Bright future!

Dr. Pankaj Raut (Sr. Cardiologist)
Dr. Manish Juneja (Sr. Cardiologist)

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