Myths about Heart Failure

5 Scary Myths about Heart Failure

Heart  failure: Two words no one wants to hear.

Yes, heart failure is a serious health issue — one that should not be taken lightly. But a diagnosis of heart failure is not necessarily a death sentence.

Myths and Facts About Heart Failure

Myth: Heart Failure Means Your Heart Has Stopped Working

Yes, failure generally refers to a situation in which something has ceased to function. With cardiac failure, however, such is not the case. As the heart’s capacity to pump becomes lessened, cardiac failure occurs. Heart failure can affect the right, left, or both sides of a person’s heart. A person’s heart cannot pump enough blood into the lungs to acquire oxygen when they have right-side heart failure. The heart struggles to deliver enough of the oxygen-rich blood to the body during left-side heart failure. Heart failure typically affects both sides of the heart.

The important thing to remember is that the heart is still pumping, but at a weakened capacity.

Myth: You Can’t Do Anything To Prevent Heart Failure

There are two categories of risk factors for heart failure and heart disease in general: those you can control and those you cannot.

While some factors, such as age, gender, or DNA, may be beyond your control, there are still methods you can lower your chance of developing heart disease and heart failure.

Myth: There’s Nothing You Can Do To Get Better After Being Diagnosed With Heart Failure

Treatment for heart failure typically consists of a combination of medicine, surgery, implanted devices, and lifestyle modifications.

Similar to those that lower your risk in the first place, these lifestyle modifications can enhance heart failure patients’ quality of life:

• Develop wholesome dietary and hydration practises.
• Exercise.
• Quit smoking.
• Maintain a healthy weight and cholesterol.

Myth: You Can’t Tell If Your Heart Failure Is Getting Worse Until It’s Too Late

Knowing your body and any warning signs is crucial because they often surface before things get worse. Keep an eye on your symptoms to spot any issues before they get out of hand.

Note any modifications to your:

• Blood Pressure
• Weight and Heart Rate

Contact your doctor if you detect any strange changes.

Myth: Heart Failure Is A Death Sentence

Many patients with heart disease can now enjoy normal lives thanks to improvements in early diagnosis, treatment, and public awareness of heart failure signs.

A heart failure patient’s outlook depends on a number of factors. Perhaps the most noticeable one– that is, how a patient’s body reacts to physical activity.

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